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Hello and welcome to the Metal Heads press kit page!
Here you should find information on Metal Heads and all relevant media that you can use to to post on any websites, social media and prints.
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  • DEVELOPER: Nathan Francis
  • RELEASE DATE: Early Access – 27th March 2021. Full 1.0 version – The future.
  • PLATFORMS: Windows/PC (Other platform releases planned in future)
  • LANGUAGES: English
  • SOCIAL: TwitterFacebookYoutube


Metal Heads is a multiplayer party game where up to 8 players compete in a series of whacky and fun mini-games to determine who is the ultimate metal head.
Metal Heads will support both 8 players local, and 8 players online, and eventually a combination of local and online so your couch party can join other couch parties across the world!

FEATURES (NOTE: These are planned for the Full 1.0 launch, and may not be in Early Access at this time)

  • 8 players local, online or a combination of both. No more missing out on the fun because the game doesn’t support enough players!
  • A LOT of whacky and challenging mini-games an launch. Each catering to different strengths such as platforming, memory, reaction time, timing, observation, mind-tricks and more, with more mini-games planned post-launch.
  • Classic party game Board Game mode with a twist. Spin the move wheel, or roll the dice, then take control of your Metal Head to run and jump your way to your destination. Change tiles on the board, use items and traps to prevent others reaching their destination.
  • Customize your Metal Head! It’s just not as enjoyable unless you get to make your Metal Head the way you want. Change colours, change head, change arms, legs, body, and accessorize your Metal Head.
  • Mini-Game and Board Game editor planned post-launch, so that you can create your own mini-game levels and board game levels to share with your friends, and online.
    Don’t feel like making your own? Download someone else’s levels and enjoy other people’s creations.
  • 100% Original, Metal Injected music by Andy Gillion! It’ll be tough to focus when you’re too busy banging your head to the fun, metal infused sound track, crafted by Andy Gillion, composer and lead guitarist of Mors Principium Est since 2011, and solo artist for Neverafter.
  • Post-Launch expansion of features is planned.
    Metal Heads aims to be the GO TO of the party game genre, and it needs regular content updates and new and exciting additions to make that happen.


I’m Nathan Francis, the sole developer of Metal Heads.
I have been developing Metal Heads since around November 2017 after having worked on much larger scoped, overly-ambitious projects for years beforehand, when one day I decided to stop trying to make the next big AAA title and make something that is feasible within 3-4 years.
I had many ideas written down, and one of them was to make a party game that can support more than 4 players as my friends and I were tired of finding great looking games that only half of us could play together.
I was also wanting a party game that rewarded skill, not a random number, but still fun even if you lost.
I wanted a party game that was cute, but also contrasted with violence.
I also wanted to make a game with my favourite genre of music; Metal.
So I stopped working on a project that really wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon(a battle royale), and decided to work on Metal Heads.

As for other work I have done that is public? Not a huge amount, but I did create a map for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare called “Colosseum”, which was purchased by the developers and is now an official map.
I also created another map called “On The Edge” which was made as part of a competition. It didn’t win, but it was well received by all of those who played it and one of the most popular community maps for a long time.

Other than that, I’ve done a map pack for Mount and Blade: Warband many years ago (I think in 2004), and also made a WW2 map pack for Far Cry 2 many years ago as well.

VIDEOS (Video Pack Contains 15 gameplay videos DOWNLOAD )





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